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For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email
For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email

Vendor Transceivers and Switch SFP

As vendor or original brand optical transceivers are very expensive many customers have turned to third-party vendors – they provide the same functionality but reduce the cost by approximately 90% - this is a saving most companies and government organisations simply cannot ignore.


Due to this cost saving third-party transceivers have been sold into the fibre optic transceiver market for years. The discussion around OEM (original equipment manufacturers) optical module vs third-party transceiver has attached great importance as this ‘compatible’ market has developed. Compatibility, quality and warranty of optical module are what the users care about when they consider third-party transceivers.


OEM Optics vs Third Party Transceivers: What’s the Difference? While third-party compatible means that the optical transceiver is provided by another vendor, instead of the OEM, the only difference is the price. Our 3rd party compatible products are manufactured to the international MSA Compliant specifications, guaranteeing they are of the same quality with the same specifications. They are all manufactured to the highest quality safety standards European CE approval and the USA equivalent FCC.


No vendor manufactures their own transceivers - instead they subcontract the manufacturing out to specialised optical transceiver manufacturers. When they 'resell' into the market they add their huge margin justified by the transceiver having their 'name' on the module. We aim to cut that link and supply from these specialised manufactures - not adding the huge margin - but offering the same high quality product with matching warranties. There is only one key difference and that is that the OEM optics usually have are 90% higher price.  Due the MSA compliant specification you can be assured that by using 3rd party compatible transceivers they will have no effect on warranties of the switches they are used in.

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