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For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email
For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email

Our Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

We may obtain information about you by installing our own markers on your computer.  These markers are commonly called “cookies” and are small pieces of information that are transferred from our website and stored by your browser in a small text file on your computer. Their use is very common by many online services.  They enable us to know you by a computer generated, unique identifier.

What do we use them for?
We may use cookies in two ways:

  1. Session cookies are used whilst you are logged onto our website to record temporary data relating to your visit to our website. Alongside managing the delivery of web pages to you and any registration, ordering processes, and to help us monitor traffic through the website.
  2. Logon and usage cookies store some data between visits to our website in order to allow you to log onto your account more easily. By using them we are able to personalise your experience and create a history of your previous choices and preferences. In situations where those choices or preferences need to be collected again, they can be supplied by us automatically, saving you time and effort. For example, after you purchase a product once, if you need to purchase it again your previous selection of options will be retained and can be re-entered more quickly.

Deactivating Cookies
If you do not want to use “cookies”, most internet browser programs will permit you to turn them off.  Should you do this you will still be able to access most of our website as normal, but some processes that depend on cookies may not work at full range. Your computer may be specially configured to reject cookies, for more information please refer to your browser for more information.