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For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email
For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email

Quality Statement

All optical transceivers and cables are supplied by our manufacturers operate within international quality standards of ISO 9001/14001 our suppliers manufacturing facilities are used by the mainstream vendors, guaranteeing quality and reliability and all products receive a lifetime warranty.

Our products are compliant and certified with ISO 9001: 2015, UKCA and RoHs                       


Switch SFP Ltd is committed to achieving ISO 9001 status as soon as possible and has implemented a program of work to ensure successful attainment of the ISO9001 standard.

Our Quality Statement

Build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and providing solutions to exceed their expectations.

Establish effective processes and systems, designed to meet all safety, quality, cost and delivery objectives of the business.

Promote a culture of Continual Improvement in our business practices, led by Top Management.

Maintain a skilled, knowledgeable and accountable workforce through individual competency development, effective communications and employee engagement.