What Is The Difference Between a Singlemode SFP and Multi-mode SFP?

Single mode SFP and multimode SFP mean the SFP transceivers will work on different types of optical fibres; as in a Single mode SFP will work with Single mode fibre only, and a Multi-mode SFP will work with Multi-mode fibre only.

So, what’s the different between them? And what should we notice when using them?

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Connecting 1G to a 10G Switch - Yes it can be done.

Can I connect my 1G Switch to a 10G Switch? Recently we have helped solve a technical question that over the years has been asked a number of times. Please read the bog for a detailed explanation of how we help solve this technical issue.

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Vendor Transceivers and Switch SFP

As vendor or original brand optical transceivers are very expensive many customers have turned to third-party vendors – they provide the same functionality but reduce the cost by approximately 90% - this is a saving most companies and government organisations simply cannot ignore.   Due...

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