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For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email
For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email

OEM Vendor or Switch SFP Compatible?

In today’s competitive market, technical engineers and buyers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs whilst maintaining reliability of their or their customers’ network.
Transceivers and direct attach cables are used in all brands of switches and routers and the vendors see this as an opportunity to make excessive profits by maintaining very high prices on their ‘original’ products. As a result, many wise users have turned to third-party compatible suppliers developing a key market within communication networks offering lower prices and wide availability while maintaining the integrity of the networks and critically NOT effecting any hardware warranties.

Are third-party transceivers poorer in quality or somehow different than those offered by OEMs?

We can state with certainty that the answer is no – not ours. Our third-party compatible products are manufactured to the international MSA compliant specifications manufactured tested and certified to CE and FCC approvals all guaranteeing the same quality with the same specifications whilst not affecting your warranty on any products.

Consumers may believe large vendors charge higher prices due to manufacturing the products themselves but this is not true. In reality each vendor of optic transceivers and their components use the same handful of sub-contract manufacturers. Third-party compatible optical module means the optical transceiver is provided by another vendor, instead of the OEM. 

Therefore, if there's one thing to remember... whilst there are different manufacturers, the only difference between third-party vendors and OEM's is price.