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Switch SFP Part CW1G-XXYY-ZZZ is a custom SFP 1G CWDM Dual LC

As defined in ITU-T G.694.2 and ITU-T G.695, the main characteristic of CWDM transmission is the 20nm spacing between channels, which enables up to 18 channel.

Ordering Information

Our CWDM part is Switch SFP part CW1G-XXYY-ZZZ , this standard part covers a wide range of wavelengths and distances and custom coding. To order the correct module please contact the sales team. Note we can supply all the ITU Channels detailed,    
ITU Channel   Wavelength      
C27                         1270
C29                         1290
C31                         1310
C33                         1330
C35                         1350
C37                         1370
C39                         1390
C41                         1410
C43                         1430
C45                         1450
C47                         1470
C49                         1490
C51                         1510
C53                         1530
C55                         1550
C57                         1570
C59                         1590
C61                         1610

Compatible with Part Number:
1G CWDM / Contact the sales team for vendor coding
Form Type:
Data Rate:
1270nm plus
10km / 40Km / 80Km / 120Km
Dual LC
Fiber Type:
Single Mode
Operating Temperature:
0~70 C
DOM Supported: