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For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email
For any questions please call 01285 700 750 or email

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Reliable and Flexible Connectivity: 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part

"Unleash Unprecedented Speed with 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part"

Experience a new level of speed and performance with the 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part. This cutting-edge SFP module is designed to unleash unprecedented data transfer speeds, allowing you to handle even the most demanding network tasks with ease. Whether it's high-resolution multimedia streaming, massive data transfers, or bandwidth-intensive applications, this SFP module delivers the speed and performance your network needs. Upgrade your network infrastructure and embrace the power of unparalleled speed with the 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part.

"Reliable and Flexible Connectivity"

The 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part offers more than just speed. It also provides reliable and flexible connectivity, ensuring stable and uninterrupted network connections. With its robust design and advanced error correction mechanisms, this SFP module guarantees the integrity of your data transmission, minimizing the risk of signal loss or corruption. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to various network setups, making it an ideal choice for different environments and applications.

"Easy Integration and Hassle-Free Deployment"

Simplify your network infrastructure with the 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part, which offers easy integration and hassle-free deployment. Compatible with a wide range of switches and networking devices, this SFP module can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup. Enjoy a quick and straightforward installation process, reducing downtime and disruption. With the 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M Switch SFP Part, you can upgrade your network without hassle and experience the full potential of high-speed connectivity.


Switch SFP Part 100G-2X50G-AOC-5M is in UK stock .

Connector Type_QSFP28, Data Rate_100G, Distance_5 Mtr, Fiber Mode_Active Optical Cable, Transmission_OM4
Original price £470.00 - Original price £470.00
Original price
£470.00 - £470.00
Current price £470.00

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Product Specification Table

Compatible with Part Number:
Form Type:
Data Rate:
100G to 2 x 50G
5 Mtr
QSFP28 100G x 2 50G QSFP28
Fiber Type:
Active Optical Cable
Operating Temperature:
0~70 C
DOM Supported:

All our transceivers are MSA form factor specification and configured in-house by our engineers to initialise and perform exactly as the OEM equivalent.